Watch Data

Watch no. 14106

Case: Missing, hunting configuration

Dial: Missing

Movement: 43mm, nickel, bi-metallic balance with blued steel balance spring with Breguet overcoil with polished steel kidney piece, elaborate moustache type counterpoise, signed "B HAAS Jne & Cie BREVETÉS S.D.G.D. PARIS GENEVA", under-dial signed "14106", thickness 10.5mm

18?? - Haas Neveux, Geneva

1936 - Courtenay Adrian Ilbert purchased from "Green" 24/May/1936

1958 - British Museum ref CAI.1011 "MOVEMENT OF A HUNTER-CASED LEVER WATCH WITH CASE-ACTION WINDING. Bar movement; going-barrel; gold train-wheels. Club-tooth lever escapement; split bi-metallic balance; wound up by opening the cover of the case. Dial missing. Hands missing. Hunter case missing.

Comment from Richard Good, Catalogue of Watches in the British Museum. Vol. V (Unpublished manuscript)

Made by B. Haas Jne France, c. 1870

Self winding watch movement with club tooth lever escapement.


Ebauche marks: 14106

Frame: Nickel silver bar movement, the barrel bridge located by four turned pillars and secured by screws. All the screws left bright. Steel pallet bridge.

Barrel and Slipping Mainspring: Barrel I. diameter 16.5 mm., height 2.80 mm. Recessed cover to the going barrel. Tapered Mainspring: height 2.65 mm, tapering from 0.32 to 0.19 over the first 150 mm. The spring tapered to ensure slipping at a late stage of winding. Arbor: 5.3 mm diameter, snailed.

Train: Five wheel train, the intermediate, centre, third and fourth wheels with five crossings, the escape wheel with four.

Jewelled: From the third onwards, all jewels bombé, the escapement with ruby endstones set in steel endpieces.

Escapement: Club tooth lever escapement, layout, double roller with D shaped stone. The escape wheel recessed, the teeth chamfered from both sides. The pallets with long arms, although the pallets are not poised. Screwed on dart. Exposed pallet stones, the acting faces flat. No. of teeth embraced 3 ½.

Balance and Spring: Split bimetallic balance with gold compensation screws. Balance diameter 15.80 mm., thickness 1.05. Blued-steel flat spiral spring with 16 turns and a terminal curve. Stud clamped and with lateral adjustment.

Means of Regulation: Index on the balance cock registering against a divided scale with engraved 'Avance Retard'

Train Counts and Beat Rate: Great wheel (barrel) 80 Intermediate wheel 80 pinion 12 Centre wheel 80 pinion 40 Third wheel 75 pinion 10 Fourth wheel 70 pinion 10 The extended seconds pivot broken off. Escape wheel 15 pinion 7 Beat Rate: 18,000

Motion Work: only the cannon pinion survives, it has 12 leaves.

Winding System: Would wind the watch when the hunter case cover is opened and closed. The movement is hand set by a side lever. Part of the self winding linkage is broken off and missing.

Note: B. Jenne HAAS Besançon. Exhibited in Paris in 1867. Died 1890. He patented in 1866 improvements to escapements and a remontoire in 1867."

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